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    History and achievments

    In April 1992, 30 real estate proffesionals and companies in Sofia, established the “Real Estate” Association, and by this act they declared their desire to be the founders of the principles for ethical and lawful business, in protection of the interests of the client and the country. On the 31st of May 1995 the first Code of Ethics for real estate transactions was created, which regulates the relations of partnership and business in the newly created professional community.
    NREA, in its first years after its establishment, aimes to achieve lawful, undisguised and ethic business with real estate in Bulgaria. Back then the idea of regulation of the segment was positioning, which to protect the professional agencies operating on the real estate market, the end user and the public treasury.
    In 1999 NREA organized subscription list, by which the professional community and the society addressed to the state with request for establishment of a legislative procedure for license and regulation of the activity of the real estate agent companies.
    The development of the organization in the period 2002-2003 is related to revision of the goals and accent on the activities related to the community recognition of the profession, the implementation and the approving of international good practices in it.
    In the same period for the needs of the governmental institutions the Association creates the first voluntary public registry of the profession in which enlists 350 out of 1000 operational real estate agencies on the Bulgarian market.
    The authority of NREA increases and in 2000 the organization becomes a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (BCCI), 2002 becomes a member of Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria /CEIBG/,to enable itself fully to represent the interests of its members , the industry, the state and the institutions.

    NREA participates in the N95 Technical Committee of the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization, which in 2010 introduced in Bulgaria European Standard for services, provided by the real estate brokers, BNS EN 15 733.
    The NREA members are represented in the national business networks of FIABCI, CEREAN, C.E.I. and NAR. NREA hosts major for the professional community international forums:
    • 2002 – CEREAN International conference – the first international event for real estate professionals in Bulgaria
    • 2006 - FIABCI European congress and 12th CEREAN annual conference – an event with more than 400 participants from Bulgaria and abroad;
    • 2010 – International conference for implementation of the European standard for the services provided by the real estate brokers;
    • 2012 - FIABCI European congress and 17th annual conference of CEREAN – an event with more than 150 participants from the country and abroad; 

    6.11.2003 - An honorary diploma and statue "Hermes" from BCCI, for implementing good business practices in the work of the real estate brokers in Bulgaria.
    7.12.2010 - An honorary diploma and statue "Hermes" from BCCI, for services for the development of the real estate segment accordingly the European standards and models.
    23.11.2012 - An honorary diploma and honorable insignia from BCCI for long active membership and activities of the industry.

    – establishes the first Code of Ethics for real estate transactions;
    2002 - achieves reduced patent tax for real estate agents;
    2002 - create the first voluntary public register of the profession;
    2003 – maintains the inclusion of the profession "real estate broker" in the Unified Classification of Occupations with fixed insurance thresholds for working brokers;
    2003 - creates REMI - the first voluntary index of real estate properties in the country;
    2010 –
    Participates in N95 Technical Committee of the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization, which introduced in Bulgaria European Standard for services, provided by the real estate brokers, BNS EN 15 733;
    2012 – 
    proposal for a Law on the activities of the real estate agents in Bulgaria

    Hristo Boykov 1991 – 1993,  Valeri Leviev 1994 - 1995
    Atanas Zahariev 1995 - 1996    Strahil Ivanov 1996 - 1997
    Nasko Atanasov 1997 - 2000    Hristo Boykov 2000 - 2002
    Orlin Vladikov 2002 – 2004 and 2005 - 2007
    Lachezar Iskrov  2007 - 2009 and  2009 - 2011
    Ivan Velkov        2011 -

    See Statute of the National Real Estate Association


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