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    Real estate transactions as an overall process, Sofia

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    Имотен пазар

    On March 11, 2014, in Sofia was held one of the series of meetings organizes by the NATIONAL REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION, under the motto “The Real Estate Market – between professionalists, institutions and the investment potential”, on topic:

    “Real estate transactions as an overall process – issues, opportunities and responsibilities on collaboration between the professionalists, Registry Agency, Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency, and the Notary Chamber.”

    Participation in the discussion took the president of the Notary Chamber Krasimir Katrandziev, the president and the vice-president of GCCA – mr. Valentin Yovev and mrs. Iva Petkova, as well as the CEO of the Registry Agency Vetsislav Spirdonov. The meeting was attended by over 60 real estate agency representatives, who had the opportunity to raise questions and present their cases. The meetings are initiated by the Managing Board of NREA and the national regional structures and target the business and strategic problems in the real estate sector when working with the institutions, define new investment opportunities and  market niches in different regions, discuss the role and importance of the broker and the  broker profession in the real estate market, etc.


    The main questions discussed are:

    1. 1.Issuing of cadastral drafts and plans – registration in the cadastre, legitimacy, content, communication and feedback between GIS, the Privatization Agency, notary offices and practice problems; adjusting errors and omissions in documents issued by GCCA and related errors in PA;
    2. 2.Parking spaces - individual units or shares of the common parts of buildings, identification before and after the entering of the cadastral maps into force in the respective region; Registration of parking space transactions into the Registry Agency.
    3. 3.Issuing of Certificates of weight and measure – legitimacy of parties, information publicity, demands of the registry judges – subjectivism and normative rules, certificate content, omissions and mistakes, terms, necessary documents;
    4. 4.Registration of notary acts and other documents, certifying the transfer of ownership of a real estate into the Registry Agency, total and partial deletion of mortgages – normative demands, subjective valuation by the registry judges, determining the amount of taxes;
    5. 5.The role of notaries in the process of document submission, transaction performance and registration; Documents certifying the transaction payment; The role of the notaries as a guarantor of the transaction; Registration deadline of the transaction into the 6.Registry Agency – administrative obstacles and transaction guarantee;
    6. Information publicity – legitimacy of individuals, limited access and personal data protection, work with the system IKAR (Icadastre) – opportunities, problems and access, services to citizens and professionalists in PA and GCCA;
    7. 7.Other raised issues in the process of the discussion;



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