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    NREA briefing

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    Имотен пазар

    NREA’s regular briefing took place on August 5, 2013. At the meeting were introduced the current real estate market trends in the country, as well as the necessity of even more tangible and pragmatic solutions for the needs of its members. In this regard, not long ago, the MB of NREA had taken a decision to launch an Information Center for studies and analysis, attached to the Association. Also, recently has started the process of creation of a Mediation Center, which is intended to help the effective and duly solutions of a number of cases and arguments connected with real estate transactions and services.


    Ivan Velkov clarified the benefits of a Mediation Center, which will give opportunity for faster and more effective solutions of market disputes. A comparison was made with the condition of the branch in Europe and the utility of the mediators’ activities. Ivan Velkov explained that а proposition for establishing an obligatory mediation in real estate dispute solutions will be made. With the cooperation of our partners from CRS, NREA will invite prof. Giuseppe De Palo – one of the best experts in mediation in Europe, on a special seminar, at which he can share experience in regard of possible propositions for legislative changes and the benefits of establishing this practice in other European countries.


    Yordan Petrov made a short analysis of the market in the smaller regions of the country and concluded that if at the moment a certain plunge of real estate transactions is observed, a market movement can be expected after the end of summer. The condition of real estate market in the seaside regions of the country was also discussed and it was pointed out that the tendency towards strengthening the activity of Bulgarian citizens regarding the vacation real estate market is stabilizing.


    The topic about the cyclic seasonal increase in the number of ‘agent’ workers, only in the summer months, was also put under discussion.


    In the last couple of years, the difference in the number of active mediators during the summer months increases with more than 25%, in contrast with the beginning and the end of every calendar year. Ivan Velkov specified that this year, in contrast with the end of 2012, has a significant increase in the number of mediators in the first trimester, which probably is due to the more active informational campaigns, stimulating more professional and proper attitude of those merchants who deal with this kind of activity.


    On August 5, 2013 starts a mobile version of NREA's web site - www.nsni.bg, created specially for the convenience of all users, colleagues and partners who use tablets and smartphones.         


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