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    Lachezar Iskrov

    Member of NREA 1994

    Year of company registration -  1992 
    Where the company provides service - In Sofia, Bulgaria.
    What services the company provides - Intermediation for rent and sale, Brokerage, Asset Management real estate, market analysis and consultations, and legal service
    What real estate company operates - Residential properties, commercial properties, investment properties.
    • We will not bend the truth to make a deal.
    • For every single customer, we work as hard as we can to help him achieve his dreams.
    • Our common goal is to consistently exceed all customer expectations by never losing sight that it is our honesty, loyalty, integrity, understanding, accountability, and creativity, which set us apart in this industry.
    • Our Strength lies in teamwork and our success stems from that belief. We are grateful and inspired to be working with a select team of professionals whom we believe are the most capable, honest and hard working in the country.
    • We believe that working hard at something you love to do, with people you trust, is one of the greatest experiences in life.
    Slogan: Real Estate - Real Experts
    tel.+359 2 981 18 43, +359 2 986 68 64
    53B Graf Ignatiev Str.

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    About NSNI

    НAЦИОНАЛНО СДРУЖЕНИЕ НЕДВИЖИМИ ИМОТИ обединява брокери и агенти за недвижими имоти, които искат да упражняват по легален и професионален начин своята професия. НСНИ представлява техните интереси пред обществото, институциите, потребителите и бранша.

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