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    Silvia Daskalova

    Member of NREA 1999

    SIANA was established in 1997 and provides its services primarily in Ruse and region, but upon clients needs - in the whole country. It works successfully in the field of mediation in the sale, rental, consulting, management, construction and repair of property. The company has three offices in the center of Ruse, where customers can get a perfect and professional service from long-standing and experienced staff. The agency can offer both an excellent team and a group of consultants -economists, lawyers, architects, builders and other professionals. It offers residential properties for purchase and rent, commercial and industrial sites, land for residential and industrial development. SIANA COMERCE is specialized in the construction, repairing and finishing works. It has a team of highly experienced professionals. It works mostly with new technologies, and materials with proven quality systems in accordance with approved construction, technical requirements and European standards.

    Tel.: 082/ 877 707, 082/ 877 770
    e-mail: siana_comerce@mail.bg

    10 Aleksandrovska str. entr. B, fl. 2
    Ruse 7000

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    About NSNI

    НAЦИОНАЛНО СДРУЖЕНИЕ НЕДВИЖИМИ ИМОТИ обединява брокери и агенти за недвижими имоти, които искат да упражняват по легален и професионален начин своята професия. НСНИ представлява техните интереси пред обществото, институциите, потребителите и бранша.

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    •  София, бул. "Патриарх Евтимий" 36А

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