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    Valeri Vasilev

    Member of NREA 1999

    For its 10-year history IMOTI BULGARIA has established itself as one of the largest companies in the real estate market in the country. The company has implemented investment projects in all regional centers as well as in Yugoslavia and Croatia. Thanks to our network of associated offices, services could be provided in over 86 countries worldwide. Currently PROPERTIES BULGARIA employs over 20 highly motivated employees. The company was selected as a preferred location for the practical training of American students interns. The company operates primarily in the region of Varna for residential and commercial properties:

    • Mediation in the sale and rental of real estate;
    • Consulting;
    • valuations;
    • Brokerage.
    Slogan: We safeguard the interests of clients in mediation and implementation of real estate transactions.

    Tel..: 052 610 610, 603 603,
    Fax: 052 699 333
    e-mail: office@imoti.bg

    42 Kniaginia Maria Luiza Blvd. fl. 1, ap. 1
    Varna 9000

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    НAЦИОНАЛНО СДРУЖЕНИЕ НЕДВИЖИМИ ИМОТИ обединява брокери и агенти за недвижими имоти, които искат да упражняват по легален и професионален начин своята професия. НСНИ представлява техните интереси пред обществото, институциите, потребителите и бранша.

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